The majority of this campaign will take place via downtime, but what that means is more fully described below.

The Monthly Turn

Each month of real time is going to roughly correspond to one month of time in-game. What this means is that (after the group establishes their initial foothold with the first live session) we’ll use the following rough schedule.

1) First Week of the Month: Challenges & Prompts
I will email each player with the challenges facing them, due to in-character actions as well as their role in the government, and prompt them as to the next step if they indicated work on a long-term goal.

Example – “Tim is playing the Warden, and is informed that some sort of Daedra Cult has taken over one of the more distant settlements. Also, he had mentioned that he was going to try and convince a rather exceptionally tough NPC to quit the Royal Guard and become sheriff of another settlement and I let him know that he’ll need to make certain rolls for that.”

2) Second and Third Week of the Month: Player Response
Each player that wishes to accomplish something during the course of the month will need to get back to me with their character’s responses to the Challenges and Prompts email by the 21st of the month at the latest. This does not need to be an incredibly extensive response, though up to a point more detail is helpful to both of us, but should include the character’s specific actions in order of preference.

If a player has concerns or questions about their Challenges and Prompts, or wants to do a small chat or video chat, they need to respond sometime in the first half of the month.

4) Fourth Week of the Month: Kingdom Turn and Live Sessions
At the end of each month there will be a live session that will allow the player characters to tackle certain issues or carry out certain plans as a coherent group, which will usually be a more efficient way to get certain things (like exploration, mass combat, political machinations, etc.) done.

At the end of this session we will make the rolls for the next Kingdom Turn, which will establish the state of the economy, population, and certain random events that the players will need to deal with (either in their individual roles as leaders or as a group).

5) Downtime Experience Points
Experience points from downtime activities come from one of three sources:

  • Overcoming, handling, or surviving some sort of serious challenge. This works the same as regular encounter XP.
  • Kingdom growth does, at certain thresholds, grant group XP awards.
  • Completing personal Sub-Plots, small mysteries or challenges the arise from your character’s background or current interests, grants twice the normal Sub-Plot XP award.

6) Time and Pacing
As much as possible, the flow of time in the game will match the flow of time outside the game, such that for every month of play a month will pass within the game.

Because of this, and the nature of this game, some of the pacing terms used in the Fantasy Craft rules should be spelled out a bit:

  • Session: Each monthly set of turns is, collectively, a single Session. Sometimes a particularly active live sessions may constitute sessions of their own.
  • Adventure: Somewhat more flexible, an Adventure constitutes either a major milestone in the growth of the kingdom or the conclusion of a major in-game event (such as a war, a plague, or a final conflict with a long-term enemy).


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