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I. The Game

Campaign Premise
Kingdom Statistics
Live Sessions

II. The History

4E 326

III. The Claim

There is a map feature built into Obsidian Portal, but it won’t be nearly as much fun as providing you with a blank one which can be filled in over time.

  • The Reference Map is the blank map that anyone may print out and fill in with info on their own.
  • Player Map Notes is for any notes about terrain, dangers, or events that the players would like to keep track of. It has an entry for each hex on the map.
  • Map Folder that will hold the above and the most up-to-date map that the players have access to.

Every state needs certain roles filled to operate at full strength. Each of these positions has its duties and challenges, which is why the characters that take on those responsibilities will be facing unique challenges.


Notable Citizens

Opposition and Challenges

IV. Locations of Note


Natural Landmarks

Places and Routes


V. People


Local Inhabitants

Major NPCs

Player Characters Past and present.

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